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About Us

The Rehab Lab was founded in 2020 right before global lockdowns occurred. Despite all the difficulties, we found new ways to help our patients overcome their injuries!

Our clinic works with world class athletes both in season and out of season. We help athletes get healthy and stay healthy. We also assist in taking their skills to the next level! Regardless of the sport, we look for edges our athletes can have over those they compete against.

We take this same approach with all of our patients. Everyone at the Rehab Lab is treated like a world class athlete, because we believe you deserve the best we have to offer. Whether you do CrossFit or Barry's, Running or Golfing, or if you just want to be able to work without pain, we take our proven methods and put them to work for you. Our goal is to get you back to 100% and doing what you love faster than anywhere else in the world!

So our goal is to NOT have you in our office. If we have helped you, we want you out of our office and doing what you love! This means no crazy packages, no fear mongering treatments, and only the best we have to offer. We want to help you overcome all obstacles!

We are located inside Bucktown CrossFit at

David Montgomery Putting In Some Serious Work Despite Virus Issues

"He’s been busy putting in a ton of work this offseason, going through all sorts of workouts and drills to get himself ready for 2020."

Bears’ David Montgomery shows off at-home workout on Instagram

"Yesterday licensed Illinois chiropractor Dr. Michael Tal Risher posted a video of the Bears’ running back doing various exercises in what looked like his living room."

WATCH: David Montgomery is Putting in that Offseason Work

"...the latest from Dr. Michael Tal Risher, a Chicago Sports Performance Doctor who’s been training Bears running back David Montgomery."

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